About Us

The Crew:

Left to right: Peyton, Ashlynne, Brynlee, Jeff, Kim, Alice, Kayla, Jake, Jessie, Hailey

Hello! We're the Salmon Run crew. Our dad, Jeff, bought this gorgeous lodge in 2017 in the hopes that his growing family would have a space to live and work with each other every summer. We had no idea that, that dream would shape each of our lives into what they are now. There's a quote that goes around every once in a while from John Muir that says "Never visit Alaska as a young man. Because you'll never be satisfied with another place as long as you live." And wow, was he right. This place is pure magic and wonder and excitement and adventure and, and, and... We truly love this work and this life and love sharing it with our guests each year. Our greatest compliment that we receive is that our guests feel like family by the time they leave the lodge. We've made so many life long friends and are so lucky to have our wonderful guests return year after year!