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You and your party will need to be checked in at Ward Air (within walking distance of Juneau International Airport) prior to 4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Flights take off at 4:30 with a 5:00 p.m. arrival at Salmon Run Fishing Lodge. You’ll need to go to the counter and check in with each person in your party’s full name and weight. 


Pick up from the lodge is Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. We STRONGLY suggest planning to stay in Juneau Saturday night and then flying home Sunday. Weather can heavily affect morning flights and we cannot guarantee that you’ll make those same day flights. 


Salmon Run crew will fillet and clean all fish. That fish is then vacuum sealed, labelled and dated and then frozen for your trip home. The fish boxes hold up to 50+ pounds of fish and are guaranteed frozen up to 24 hours in ideal conditions. 

Storing fish overnight in Juneau:   Depending on your flights on Sunday you have multiple options. Our suggestion is booking a hotel that has freezer. A majority of hotels and airlines will charge around $10 per night to store fish boxes. The following hotels have freezers available:

Super 8


Best Western Grandmother’s Feather Bed

You also have the option of storing your fish at Ward Air, or Alaska Sea Planes, but make sure to check what times they open so that you can grab your fish prior to your flight. 

Fish boxes are checked into their airline in the same way you would check a bag. 


You’re allowed 35 pounds for your suitcase.

 If your luggage exceeds the available weight for the float plane you will be responsible for the extra costs incurred by having to book more/bigger planes.

Suggested packing list:

1 heavy sweater/jacket
2 long sleeve shirts
2 short sleeve shirts
2 pairs of pants
1 set of pajamas
Socks and undergarments
Beanie and/or hat
Any necessary medications


We suggest stopping at either:

Breeze Inn

Fred Meyer

You’ll be able to pick up alcoholic beverages, mixers and snacks for the boat from both places.  

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